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Garage Door Repair Palm Desert CA

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John Griffin

Who To Call For Garage Door Repair Palm Desert

Garage doors always seem to need repair at the most inconvenient times. If you have ever been unable to open your garage door in the morning before work or close it at night, you probably know this is true. Do you know who to call when you have problems with your home or business garage doors in the Palm Desert Area? The good news is that you have a reliable company to call for garage door repair Palm Desert. We provide all sorts of repairs and installation services.

Services Provided By Garage Door Repair Palm Desert

We can provide you with full-service garage door repair and installation in the area. If you have an urgent need, you can also call us for emergency services. Some of most popular services include the following:

  • Garage door spring repair (torsion | extension)
  • Garage door installations
  • Garage door opener repair or replacement
  • Opener adjustment 
  • Remote control | code programming
  • Cable replacement
  • Bent or damaged panel replacement
  • Off track repair

Our trained and experienced technicians are fully bonded and insured, so you can feel good about the workers that you allow into your garage or home.

Working garage doors are an important part of the security and safety of your home, and you should leave repairs and other services to a professional and established company like ours. A-Z Garage Door Repair Palm Desert CA.

Should You Attempt Garage Door Repair Palm Desert Yourself?

Some home handymen may try to save some money by doing their own garage door repairs. It is certainly possible to purchase springs, doors, and other supplies. Also, you can find articles and even videos online that describe how to perform many common jobs. However, you may also need specialized tools, and this can represent a large investment.

Additionally, garage door springs need to be under quite a bit of tension, and the job of repairing springs is not without its hazards. Garage doors are probably a lot heavier than you think they are too. Finally, some garage door repair jobs are quite time consuming, and this is particularly true for people who have never done them before. image2

Why not leave the job to a professional? Our clean and trained workmen will arrive at your home with everything they need to perform the job to your satisfaction. Additionally, they know how to do all types of repair and installation jobs in a very safe way, and you do not need to worry about injuries or hazards. You may find that you actually save time and money by letting us help you with your garage doors.

The Brand We Work With

  • Genie
  • Lift Master
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Give us a call as soon as possible, and our professional representatives can give you a price quote and schedule an appointment. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt service, and we try to handle urgent problems as quickly as possible. A-Z Garage door repair Palm Desert can also install new garage doors and automatic garage door openers for our customers. We hope to hear from you soon, so you can enjoy your home and garage without worrying about malfunctioning door openers or creaky springs!





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